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I started shooting boudoir in 2006

Where the hell has time gone? No idea.

On a personal note:
This year I turn 40. And I don't feel like I am almost 40. I can still pass for, 34 I think, so I am not complaining, but I am really surprised that this is what 40 looks like to me. I still shop for my black t-shirts at forever 21. I still sound like I am 12. My favourite things have skulls or batman on them. I remember my parents at 40 and thinking, wow that is old.

Now, well yes, few (hundreds) more gray hairs, glasses, the (fl)abs and the botox in the near future. But my lifestyle is pretty much the same. So I have decided I need to make some changes. I want to turn 40 fit. And for someone that only runs to catch the bus and cycles to work only when the weather is between 15-35C with no wind, in a city where that only lasts 4 months, it is going to be a challenge.
Exercise is not my thing. If it is your thing I am jealous.

So I am writing this post to make myself accountable. I have a pin up photoshoot planned for June 1 ( ) and I will take the last appointment of the day. I want to have an actual waist by then. Here I go.

me, circa 2007
me, January 1, 2016

On a professional note:
Ten years,  holy wicked old batman! I continue doing this because I love it. I love the makeup, the outfits, the shoes (!). I love meeting women from all different walks of life, different bodies, different cultures and ages.

I had to bring in help - and I am so glad I did. Linda and Melissa are great. I trust them with my boobs so should you :). 
Melissa, Marlen, Linda "we are all nerds" who wear black

Anyway, I am really looking forward to this 2016. I plan to write more, draw more and keep on shootin'. And yes, I might have to exercise. pffft.

Here are some images I have loved from this past year.

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Top 5 getting ready for your session tips

Tips for your best boudoir portraits. -

1. Groom - this one is a given. But sometimes we forget to do nails and pedicure. Like my nails are just nubs. But red nubs are prettier than naked nubs. Your hands are an important part of the composition. Even those new king of press on nails look good. Just make sure you bring extra glue. Shave or wax a day or two before.

2. Super Moisturize - When you shower in the morning just pat dry just a bit and then slather the baby oil. All over. It will absorb do not worry. You'll be smooth as a baby's butt - I couldn't resist. Or even better, coconut oil, better for you anyway. Just take it inside the shower so it melts a bit, when it gets cold it hardens.

3. Hair - Smooth. Unless you have curly natural hair then I touch it up here with a curling iron for definition. For everybody else, blow-dry smooth. Preferably do not use the flat iron if you want to add "victoria secret" waves.

4. Loose - Wear loose clothing for the shoot. It takes a bit of time for the skin to recover and a hell of a lot of retouching, better safe. You'll be able to wear your tight stuff here. Specially winter, remove socks as soon as you take off your boots.

5. Accessories - Do not forget your shoes. Clean the soles very well because they may end up in the picture. Any bling that is special. - A really awesome tip from some clients. Go get the shoes you love and can't walk in them and after the shoot return them. You are either standing on carpet here or lying down.

But whatever works for you and makes you feel confident.

NOTE: Makeup wise - it's ok to wear your normal makeup before you go out into the world. I would never go out without my mascara, primer, foundation, and blush. EVER.
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Why boudoir is a great gift for the woman in your life...

Besides the benefit of your partner getting sexy images that you get to enjoy after, I think it sends a message of:

And this is good for our self-steem, bonus points if you can make that Ryan Gosling smouldering look.

So not only you get sexy art, she gets:

  • The surprise: "oh my lordy, what the hell have you gotten me into."
  • The getting ready and pampering part of removing the extra fuzz, and she will be extra-nice  if you add a gift certificate for a mani-pedi, or a spa treatment.
  • The chance to dust off the lingerie, even an excuse to buy a few new items. Everybody needs a new nice bra set. The latex is optional.
  • The photoshoot part, is about a nice girly time, getting the makeup done and general goofiness.  Alcohol is allowed. I am telling your partner to get on all fours and lick her finger. 
  • The result: Most clients are like:" wow, I didn't think I could pose sexy! "Which, let's face it, we do not feel sexy that often, especially after kids or being in a relationship for a while.

Not that I am claiming to be like Dr. Phil or anything but from experience and as a witness to several women enjoying the whole experience and feeling great about themselves after... what are you waiting for?

SO! get a gift certificate from your local boudoir photographer, or me, even better, wrap it up in a pair of stockings or new undies, and write a lovely note.

Email me or purchase directly here: and you will be sent a personalized gift certificate. 

A popular one is the Model, enough to upgrade to a printed book. 

In the event, that she is like "no way", she can still use the certificate for a glamour photo session (no lingerie) and have a really nice photo. Or put it towards some family photos. I do those too.

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Bridal Boudoir Photography tips

Are you getting married soon?  Here are some tips for your Bridal Boudoir!

Bring: Personalize your shoot by bringing your veil and hair accessories. Your jewelry, shoes and lingerie. Anything that has special meaning to you like gifts, jewelry he gave you even that teddy bear he won for you at the fair. (I know I am stretching it here :P)

Think about: I've seen lots of nifty book ideas and adding a personal touch like dates- songs- and every corny thing you could think of, makes a more memorable and personal gift.

Time: Consider time frame for your appointment also. We need at least 3 weeks for a book to be ready from appointment to book in your hands. If you only want prints, they can be ready within two weeks. Take into consideration that the last week you really don't want to be running around picking stuff up, so delegate!

Makeup: Take advantage of your hair and/or make up trial and book the same day. That way when he sees the pictures, you look like what you did that special day. But if that doesn't happen, do not worry! If you show me a picture I can try to copy it.

NEW PACKAGE- FOR BRIDES TO BE (or wives or girlfriends or lovers)
I am creating a bridal one, so it includes an album and it's not the $600 one, since I know you are already on a budget with weddings being soooooo expensive.

It's a package between the starlet and the model, will call it the bridal :) I don't want to think too much.

Some recent samples

Wear white...

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Open letter to the SEO people

(AND google listing phonecalls)

Thank you for your email on my contact form. Here I am getting all excited a client is trying to book an appointment and then I read that you found me on the back pages of google.
Well you were not looking right. I show up on the right searches.

My favourite ones for Boudoir are:

  • Boudoir photography Toronto
  • Erotic couples photography
  • Boudoir photography GTA
  • Couples boudoir photography
  • Boudoir

Some random ones I lol:
Boobs no face
Show me a nipple

So you see, these: Photographer Toronto, Photographers Toronto, Photography Toronto, Wedding photographer Toronto, Wedding photographers Toronto, Wedding photography Toronto

I don't care about so much. I speciallized in boudoir. And for weddings, when people find me is because they like my hourly package and my attitude, not because google tells them. Wedding photographers Toronto is sooooooo saturated. I can't even deal. I used to know a couple of photographers back in the day, now all these new kids are showing up and I can't compete. Don't even want to.

For those special couples that find me through very specific key works, how you doin'? I wuv you.

So Mr. or Miss SEO person, thank you but no thank you. Automated Google Listing ROBOCALLS.  You go to my block list. And on my "things I don't like list". You do not want to be on that list.

Anyway, if you read this rant, sorry!
Here is some pretty lace underwear. Actual silk stockings. So pretty!

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Reasons to get boudoir photography done

Pictures that is. Or portraits I should say. For those of you who need reasons.
P.S. This is what I have seen so far and they are not in any preference and/or order.

You are still perky. Yes, you are not 20 anymore but they are still up, shoot them now!
It's on your bucket list. Besides, it is way more doable than "writing a novel" or "learn lambada" for some people.
It's your birthday. Or someone's birthday, valentine's or xmas!
You are single. And proud of it. Or you want to rub it into that ex-"how-dare-he-dump-me" how hot you look. Or you just want a naked picture of yourself to hang on your wall. Just change it for that Anne Geddes Pic of the babies when your parents come over.
You are married. And sort of proud of it. Hey, you've lasted this long, and everything you have taken is homemade and in your computer. Time to step it up a notch.
You are about to get married. Air them out before the big day. Be proud of them. Lucky bastard.
You are in a long distance relationship. Send these, and do it while you are on a video call so you can see his face. Mua-ha-ha.
Cosmo said. Or me. Or the internet. It's perfectly good advice you know.
You are not perky. TG for photoshop. I do not have to be perky. And you have that mouth made for... sin. And you want to shake it, shake it, shake that healthy butt.
You don't have to be naked to be sexy. I must admit, there is nothing sexy about spread eagle. So use the power of seduction, leave stuff to the imagination. Just show me your nipple every now and then.
Your other half has a subscription to maxim/fhm/stuff/. Proof that he likes sexy picture, well, enjoys the sexy pictures and the articles of course.
Nobody thinks you would ever do it. ha! well you show them after my flattering angles, jokes and photoshoping.

I know there are a lot of women out there that are still on the fence about boudoir photography.

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Because Valentine's is a good excuse to get naked... or just implied naked pictures. You go as naked as you feel comfortable.

I am harping now on the Hallmark holiday, which I am not the biggest fan of, but in the other hand for people on the fence about doing this, this date is the perfect excuse to get some sexy pictures done.
Just remember how the internet is saturated with naked stuff, so why not give your significant other his own private stash?

A quick tip to find photos for inspiration:

Pinterest is great for the pretty stuff, but if you want to see what the guys are really looking at, just take a looksie here - nsfw! :  - password: boudoir

Not my work, but stuff I keep for ideas with some comments.

Get a Tumblr for yourself and keep it secret. They are so much fun.
And I leave you with an inspiration quote here:

This is the card my other half is getting:
classy! and true! ha ha

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