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Reasons to get boudoir photography done

Pictures that is. Or portraits I should say. For those of you who need reasons.
P.S. This is what I have seen so far and they are not in any preference and/or order.

You are still perky. Yes, you are not 20 anymore but they are still up, shoot them now!
It's on your bucket list. Besides, it is way more doable than "writing a novel" or "learn lambada" for some people.
It's your birthday. Or someone's birthday, valentine's or xmas!
You are single. And proud of it. Or you want to rub it into that ex-"how-dare-he-dump-me" how hot you look. Or you just want a naked picture of yourself to hang on your wall. Just change it for that Anne Geddes Pic of the babies when your parents come over.
You are married. And sort of proud of it. Hey, you've lasted this long, and everything you have taken is homemade and in your computer. Time to step it up a notch.
You are about to get married. Air them out before the big day. Be proud of them. Lucky bastard.
You are in a long distance relationship. Send these, and do it while you are on a video call so you can see his face. Mua-ha-ha.
Cosmo said. Or me. Or the internet. It's perfectly good advice you know.
You are not perky. TG for photoshop. I do not have to be perky. And you have that mouth made for... sin. And you want to shake it, shake it, shake that healthy butt.
You don't have to be naked to be sexy. I must admit, there is nothing sexy about spread eagle. So use the power of seduction, leave stuff to the imagination. Just show me your nipple every now and then.
Your other half has a subscription to maxim/fhm/stuff/. Proof that he likes sexy picture, well, enjoys the sexy pictures and the articles of course.
Nobody thinks you would ever do it. ha! well you show them after my flattering angles, jokes and photoshoping.

I know there are a lot of women out there that are still on the fence about boudoir photography.

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Because Valentine's is a good excuse to get naked... or just implied naked pictures. You go as naked as you feel comfortable.

I am harping now on the Hallmark holiday, which I am not the biggest fan of, but in the other hand for people on the fence about doing this, this date is the perfect excuse to get some sexy pictures done.
Just remember how the internet is saturated with naked stuff, so why not give your significant other his own private stash?

A quick tip to find photos for inspiration:

Pinterest is great for the pretty stuff, but if you want to see what the guys are really looking at, just take a looksie here - nsfw! :  - password: boudoir

Not my work, but stuff I keep for ideas with some comments.

Get a Tumblr for yourself and keep it secret. They are so much fun.
And I leave you with an inspiration quote here:

This is the card my other half is getting:
classy! and true! ha ha

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Holiday Boudoir Tips

For men:

  1. Purchase a gift certificate for a session here packages start at $175. 
  2. Get some stockings or a lingerie item and print the gift certificate.
  3. Do make sure you have a PG gift handy, like pijamas or a locket!
  4. Wait for the finished product and enjoy.

For women:

  1. Go for it! it's a fun experience for you and your partner is going to love the pictures, it's a win-win.
  2. Do a naughty and nice theme!

A nice teddy or just under the covers and a super naughty outfit from a stripper place like this:

sexy lingerie and clothes
He, he, bring out your inner stripper.

Hurry up with the booking, spots are limited during the Holidays and we need some time to edit and print books if necessary.

November 29:  9 am 11 am 1 pm 3 pm
November 30: 10:00 am 12:00 pm 2:00 pm
Friday December 5: Booked
December 6: 9 am 1 pm 3 pm -last day for album
December 7: BOOKED all the way to December 14
Tuesday December 16: 10 am 12 pm
Wednesday December 17: 12 pm
Friday December 19: 1 pm 3pm
December 20: 9 am 11 am 1 pm 3 pm
December 21: 10:00 am 12:00 pm 2:00 pm

Last day to book with album DECEMBER 6, last day for a shoot with prints DECEMBER 21
My lab is offering a rush printing fee if interested in a book, we can still do one December 18 but it will cost extra.
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Blog post challenge: Nail Art

I received an invitation to blog about halloween nail art, you know, all those things you see on pinterest and you wonder how the hell they do that, and then do it on the right hand?
This is me:

Yeah my left hand sucks for doing the nails on the right. I said sure! as long as they are no spiders.
Seriously, spiders are a deal breaker.

So here is me, trying to do this:

It looks easy enough right? and there is a kitty cat!
Step 1: paint nails a dark blue colour for the night background.
Mistake number one, I did it yesterday and then washed the dishes. And remembered why my nails always look "punk".
I have a nail polish called uptempo plum, dark enough. 
Step 2: draw the moon. With yellow! who has yellow? I had to venture out to the drug store so I bought a white manicure pen. Figured a pen would be easier.

Step 3: draw the fences. err, skipping this one. I don't have brown or cooper. I have the one red but it looked a bit dry so I skipped that step. I don't know how I am getting graded on this thing.

Step 4: draw the kitty cat. aaaaaaaaand my nails are teeny tiny. Like 10 year olds have a better nail bed. rats. I feel like those people who draw on a grain of rice.

Step 5: do the dots for eyes... with what?!. Didn't think that one through, I tried to do it with the pen but a blob came out and I had to wipe it off. So I photoshoped them in, ha ha.

And ta-da! it does look like a cat, kinda right? Like one who is turning towards you with a bit of disdain. Why do people do this?
Well I had fun. I am going to do some more blog posts trying new things.
Thanks to for making me try. Nice product line. There is a black sparkly one called boho glam that is calling my name.
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Tips for anniversary photos

I had the pleasure to shoot this great couple, Caroline and Pat, thanks to a gift certificate from a client that had no idea what to get them as their 25th wedding anniversary. She emailed and ask; "do you do family portraits?" Why yes, yes I do.

It's funny in my business how it works.

Anyway, they drove in from Kitchener - hoping not to run over a marathoner (runners!) and avoiding traffic. It worked great to do at 3 pm. Fall light is very flattering.

I shared my tips with them for couples shoots, but they had a couple of great tips of their own!

First, the last time they had professional shots done of just the two of them, was their wedding, so they did their homework.

They chose the colour that they used for their wedding, purple to tie in their wedding with their anniversary. How clever is that! And the purple just popped against the orange of fall.  I could not have styled it better myself.
And they chose it as an accent, in her jacket and his shirt, that way they look coordinated but not matchy-matchy.

This was genius. They looked at pictures that they have taken over the years and brought them with them. Pictures they both liked how they looked so they knew exactly what to do. It made my job way easier.
The session went like: now let's do the one where you are holding him from behind, and Caroline knew exactly what to do, and it looked great.

They had one where they were looking over their sunglasses and were caught in a very candid moment when they were hanging out at the cottage.
We recreated that 25 years later with sunglasses they were given as anniversary gifts!

Location: Woodbine Beach Park
For pictures of the location click here

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Privacy and naked pictures

This happened and it is super scary... the fappening! (yeah I am with it with the lingo). Naked celebrity pictures- out to the world to see and fap (eww).

Here is what scares me. Someone actually took the time to hack "the cloud" whatever that is. All those images were for personal use, and most were not even aware that they had a copy saved there.

Here is the answer that I heard: Well don't have naked pictures on your phone! Take a polaroid instead.
But that ain't happening. People are shedding the clothes and taking some nekkid pics. It's just too easy to do. This day in age is just not possible. We all want to look back at the perkiness. For me, it was circa 2007. I didn't have to suck it in as much.

What I think we should all do:

  1. If you are saving a copy on your online drive: save your images and zipped them, name the folder something innocent: "PM Dawn Lyrics" "Chilli Cookoff Pics" or "Poems" "Catwoman Comics" 
  2. Delete all emails that have links to the images or stuff you emailed your friend to help you choose images. Ask them to do the same.
  3. You could save it on a hard drive at home, but to be realistic, on the event of a virus on a computer or an accident, those pictures are gone forever. 
  4. Or print a little black book. Now you have a hard copy of your naughtiness.

What I do to keep your images safe.

  • Password protected proofing site.
  • Password protected FTP gallery.
  • I do not take my "naked" laptop anywhere. 
  • I only post cropped pictures with no tattoos or anything recognizable. 
  • Most of the time- I distort the images a tad. 
  • My lab is very trustworthy and professional, not Walmart.
  • From now on, I am deleting the online backup every two months. In cases where privacy is more of a concern, I delete them as soon as you confirm you downloaded the images.
Is a scary digital world out there, I am just so glad that we had no camera phones when I was in high school or university for that matter. God I feel ancient. The way technology has evolved. There are some artsy nudes of mine from back in the day, I posed nude for some art photos when I was 20, but I dabble in the naked world anyway and I am not running for office, so whatever. Wish I had a copy though. 

And don't let all the scandals scare you. There is always a tiny risk when you are doing something naughty :) that is what makes it fun!

I leave you with a Catwoman quote. Let's all do something that makes us feel yummier! I am grabbing the red lipstick and a girdle some Spanx. Life is too short.

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City Hall Wedding Photography

So yes I am horrible at posting and keeping this updated. But I had to share this wedding I did in June.

After being together for a while, it makes sense to make it "legal" and for me, it makes sense to do it on the "not-so- expensive" side. Don't get me started on weddings that cost 50,000 dollars. I have been trying to organize one since 2008 and I always get sidetracked.

Anywho, enough about me. I was glad I shot this wedding.
I even got to be a witness! Loved that they kept it to the basics but still have great pictures (ahem).

And in two hours of coverage.
Including "getting ready shots" that we took when we snuck in the public bathroom at the Sheraton across the street, and even with the weird lighting we got the traditional dress and shoes shots. You know, for artistic purposes. Not even sure if anybody ever prints those pictures but I take them anyway.

Shoes are nice to look at.

Here they are! Andrea and Olivier married in June. On a really nice saturday at City Hall. Trying out this app for collages. I should water mark after, sorry.

The ceremony, and me signing :)
In the ones below, I accidentally made Oliver crack up, when I said: "Do not worry about my squatting with a skirt, I am wearing shorts!" He wasn't expecting neither my squat or my comment :)

Thanks for letting be part of your day! I had fun.
Oh and this last picture makes me smile. We are all blurry. I am so used to my camera that when I lend it to someone I forget that the auto focus finder is to the side. Almost a nice pic :) no age spots freckles.

So yes I am available to shoot weddings! Small ones, odd ones or elopements and shotgun.
More wedding samples that I forget to blog:

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