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In my boudoir

Go on- laugh a little. I know my expression is super dorky. I wasn't going to post it, but I think it explains a bit of what goes on during the sessions.

This session was really fun, it is like friends hanging out. After some wine and the biggest wardrobe of lingerie items I have ever seen, I had to try the transparent, feathery robe thing. Of course it took me a while to find the sleeves.
We laugh a lot, take a lot of pictures and sometimes forget one is completely naked.
I am going to watch Saturday morning cartoons in one of these numbers. :)
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More couples- but dressed

This couple did some naked ones in homage to their idols.
Sorry I am not posting their butts. Those are for the reception! Cool or what? Can't wait for the wedding!

And after they put on clothes and we walked to a park we took this one.

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Because I can

and I will post more Glamour. Here is someone that read my about me and said "I always wanted to have my glamour shot taken, every time I passed it in the mall it looked like so much fun."
Well it was, I have to say. So she had her own feather boa and everything. And this hat.
On a naked note, I like to say that when someone says to me, oh I will just do some lingerie shots, I will not show anything, I say no problem, no pressure, but if at the end I get a nipple, I feel I did my job.
"Master of nudity" strikes again!
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i heart pasties

These are the things that even I do not see often, pasties. Wow do they make me giggle. Specially when this conversation is going on:

"I got these but I think they are too big"
"I do not think pasties come in different sizes, well can you make them spin?"

And more stuff that cracked us up. How serious can anybody be around pasties? Yeah the best one:
"Ok now turn your boob a little bit more towards me"
"you give really good directions!"

If only someone heard it all.

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Top 5 getting ready for your session tips

Tips for your best boudoir portraits. - Updated September 2013

1. Groom - this one is a given. But sometimes we forget to do nails and pedicure. Like my nails are just nubs. But red nubs are prettier than naked nubs. Your hands are an important part of the composition. Feet too. Shave or wax a day or two before.

2. Super Moisturize - When you shower in the morning just pat dry just a bit and then slather the baby oil. All over. It will absorb do not worry. You'll be smooth as a baby's butt - I couldn't resist. Or even better, coconut oil, better for you anyway. Just take it inside the shower so it melts a bit, when it gets cold it hardens.

3. Hair - Smooth. Unless you have really curly natural hair. Then I touch it up here with a curling iron for definition. For everybody else, blow-dry smooth. Preferably do not use the flat iron if you want to add "victoria secret" waves.

4. Loose - Wear loose clothing for the shoot. It takes a bit of time for the skin to recover and a hell of a lot of retouching, better safe. You'll be able to wear your tight stuff here.

5. Accessories - Do not forget your shoes. Clean the soles very well because they may end up in the picture. Any bling that is special. - A really awesome tip from some clients. Go get the shoes you love and can't walk in them and after the shoot return them.  You are either standing on carpet here or lying down.

But whatever works for you and makes you feel confident. As long as the girls are loose and unmarked. :P

Makeup wise - it's ok to wear some makeup before you go out into the world. I would never go out without my mascara, primer and blush.
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My scrapbooking... sort of

I stumbled upon this site and I had to try it :) There is a very sad music selection, I was about to choose twinkle, but decided no music would be better. I'm so hooked.
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My retouching

Not touching, re-touching. That's extra.:)
Here is a sample of my magic touch- I promised magazine quality retouching and here it is. So any of you out there worried about a scar or stretch marks or postbaby stuff, hey I soften it all! Heck, I have it all!

I heart photoshop.

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Boudoir photography for couples

I was checking my google analytics of my page, because ofcourse, I am a nerd and like to see how many people read my crap- anyway, I saw that one of the main hits was for boudoir photography for couples.
All the same packages are applicable to couples, but I get requests for quotes for sessions where the couple gets to keep the images and want absolute privacy and want to do whatever they want. Just in case they run for prime minister one day.

So in a genius burst I am creating the ultimate intimate package - sorry I kind of got carried away- that includes me, as the photographer for one or two hours- no rush, also me retouching makeup, 4 gig card and you keep all the images, and you do whatever you want as long I don't get splashed.

You will have the option to send me images that you like for retouching- but they are all yours, photographer released and everything. Like if you decide to build your own sexy website or something. Or make a sex slide show with them and "leak"it to the press, I don't know.

Some conditions will be applied to keep it koscher. So there I won't have to custom quote anymore for couples or intimate portraits.

Tips for your Boudoir Photography for Couples
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