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Bryan and Natalia's wedding highlights

So here are some images from my weekend where I was not the photographer but it gave a chance to play with the lens baby.
Love the baby.
It was a beautiful wedding, great location, great company and I could chill... mmm.
The only complaint here, freaking mosquitos.

and yes that is me wearing a blue dress (gasp! colour!) I know. Me. The one Lindsey calls "going to a summer funeral"
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Natalia and Bryan at the Distillery

Although I hate the name e-shoot, it seems it is the industry term. So here is another e-shoot... ta-daa.
Bryan is Lindsey's friend and he is in the wedding party for this coming Saturday. Which means I'm in the girl(drinking) table :) Bryan's sister is shooting the wedding which means I will drink and maybe take a couple of pics, and drink, and I can wear a dress, and drink. :P

Complete shoot:

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Action shots

I like it when clients have a interest in photography. I like it when we all share :)
She did a great job and capturing me in action.
love them, changing my facebook pic right after this:)

And I am trying this out, it was one of my faves of my candid photographer, some creative cropping to preserve her identity. Groomsooky helped on this one, I wanted to put a black bar across her face.

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Natural Beauty Workshop round up

aren't we, oh so pretty.:P
Clock wise me and Amy, my sister Kenny (yes as in Kenny Rogers- go dad!), Amelia, and Solange.

The few drops of wisdom shared in the workshop:
- Eye make up is your friend. First apply a line with black pencil, then go over it with liquid eyeliner as close as possible to the lashes as possible and boom! eyes pop.
- Powder is your other best friend.
And pics taken from above are more flattering. See no double chins! anywhere!

Two hairier natural beauties and me doing Amy's Natural make up.

And the location rocks, my stomach was in shock of having natural raw vegan food, and my brain confused that it tasted so good. Click here to have a raw adventure.
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Bethany + Kurt... Casa Loma Wedding

You know what I apologize for re-posting, but I realized that I hate clicking on slideshows, show me the images I say.

I finished editing...yay!
To be honest, I do few weddings a year, naked is my forte, but the ones I do, its great because I already have a rapport with the bride.
They are longer days and there is always a few snafus but they are always beautiful.
Like in this wedding, the sun came out in time for pictures. again... yay!

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