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Gift idea for HER!

Of course I had to do a follow up :)
And of course the first one is ME! Hurry up and book your appointments for this Saturday! BOOK NOW! contact me if you still have any doubts.

I think it's a great gift to give to your girlfriend you get to share the results of course, so it is the gift that keeps on giving. (wink)

And if you do it for your friend, I've been told I am a morale booster. All-natural, good-for-you mood enhancer. I am not talking about all the photoshoping I do, it is secondary. But when you see yourself through somebody else's eyes, and after all those jokes and teasing, you actually see some sexy pictures, well I did my job. That reminds me, I should update my testimonials page.

Gift Certificates available! Share the gift of naked. semi-naked.

Or if you are not into this, I do regular portraits as well. You could get a couples session outdoors!Photography is the perfect gift!
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Gift Ideas for HIM

I had a little panic attack to realize that Christmas is a month away. And I do not have an idea to get as presents. dang it.
I did some research, dang it again, and budgets are killing me. But I have some nice ideas for you! Lucky!

Of course ME!
So make him a little bit warm.

And some other things I found on the internet. This one was sent by the fiance as a hint I think, cool stuff.

For photogeeks like me with no money for a NIkon D4 my fave is photojojo

And I decided to cover any bases. I really want the new Nikon D3s
why did I go to the launch? Im a masochist.

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I love corsets. I <3 a deal, who knew that H&M had this lacy thing with the annoying straps with the round thingy going in at an angle in a slide motion (as annoying as that sounds) to hold the thigh highs. Really, women used to do these every day. And they look awesome.

I love meeting interesting people this way, and this client mentioned about promoting boudoir for military wives. Great! I will do a service to the nation, sort of. Now how do I find them?
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Reasons to get boudoir photography done

Pictures that is. Or portraits I should say. For those of you who need reasons.
P.S. This is what I have seen so far and they are not in any preference and/or order.

You are still perky. Yes you are not 20 anymore but they are still up, shoot them now!
It's in your bucket list. Besides, it is way more doable than "writing a novel" or "learn lambada" for some people.
It's your birthday. Or someones birthday, or xmas!
You are single. And proud of it. Or you want to rub it in to that ex-"how-dare-he-dump-me" how hot you look. Or you just want a naked picture of yourself to hang in your wall. Just change it for that Anne Geddes Pic of the babies when your parents come over.
You are married. And sort of proud of it. Hey you've lasted this long, and everything you have taken is homemade and in your computer. Time to step it up a notch.
You are about to get married. Air them out before the big day. Be proud of them. Lucky bastard.
Cosmo said. Or me. Or the internet. It's perfectly good advice you know.
You are not perky. TG for photoshop. I do not have to be perky. And you have that mouth made for... sin. And you want to shake it, shake it, shake that healthy butt.
You don't have to be naked to be sexy. I must admit, there is nothing sexy about spread eagle. So use the power of seduction, leave stuff to the imagination. Just show me your nipple every now and then.
Your other half has a subscription to maxim/fhm/stuff/. Proof that he likes sexy picture, well, enjoys the sexy pictures and the articles of course.
Nobody thinks you would ever do it. ha! well you show them after my flattering angles, jokes and photoshoping.

I know there are a lot of women out there that are still on the fence about boudoir photography.
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Happy Friday

So this weekend I volunteer at Art on the Loft. Come check it out. I'm at artist's assistant on Saturday and Sunday, not sure what that means or entails, but I will be around asking artist if they want naked pics to come to me, yeah a little self promotion there from my volunteering efforts.

And I was way lazy with my Halloween pics. Of course I dressed up- super 80's. My problem was to convince Lindsey not to wear a dress I found at a garage sale. Really I did not know he had these tendencies. My second argument was that he had no shoes to go with the dress. So there. I still did his makeup to dress him up a little billy idol-esque and trust me, for him wearing all black is a costume, so I enjoyed that part. He complained 3 days later he still couldn't take all the eyeliner off. sissy. He did get a "you look like patrick swayze".

Notes for next year: practice dirty dancing.
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