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Valentines true meaning- boudoir style-

So! I made it to in an article about V-Day Gifts for the Adventurous Amour  
loves it. thumbs up to Jessica Pollack!  And I quote:

"Ok, I know that this one is a big splurge, but if you’ve got the flow then don’t hesitate to make it a go. It’s a win-win. Send your special someone for a boudoir photography session with Toronto’s Marlen James , where they’ll likely return feeling more confident and sensual, not to mention bearing a stack of sexy photos for your perusal. "

And Savage chicken s agrees:
Get a gift certificate and enjoy the perks!

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... losing weight, love for her husband that has been very supportive though difficult times and surviving heartache. It was a bit early to start drinking, but I cheered to that.
I love the stories I am privy to and I love to hear: "that was fun!" and "I was totally comfortable". yay.

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Note to husbands: Boudoir Photography as a gift

Here it was one smart hubby. He wrapped a pair of stockings and one of my gift certificates for a boudoir session, booked a night in a downtown boutique hotel and got a babysitter for the hot Saturday date... and he gets to enjoy the pictures too!

And! he also printed the checklist that contains all the pertinent information of a boudoir session for getting ready for your session and what to bring.

So contact me for your gift certificates! or you can buy them here:
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New year, new tips... makeup for Boudoir Photography

and new haircut (no more cleopatra) and new pic and new website! did you see it? I caved in with the flash.
I decided I am going to share more tips and blog more. Brace yourself.

I heart my time lapse setting on my camera. Too much fun. And here its a time lapse on how to do makeup for Boudoir portraits. And me with no make up. Was thinking on why have my naked face in my blog but I guess since I do not have other samples might as well use me. And black and white is a little bit less harsh.

Video- warning it has music- just in case you are reading this in the middle of the night and the volume of your computer is turned up high (you know what I mean)

Makeup for boudoir photography (self- application) from marlen james on Vimeo.

And the results in action- well a portrait. On the left is my un-retouched photo. Which is not so bad considering I can barely see my freckles and mustache. I love my 50mm lense. And the angle looks like I have cheekbones instead of just cheeks.

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