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PIN UP photography

Work, sashay shante

you better work - cover girl
work it girl - give a twirl
do your thing on the runway

Yes I have Rupaul stuck in my head. The things I do for you people. 

So! I was brave enough to pose for some pin up shots, since I won't use the ones of my clients (stupid genius! privacy policy sometimes bites me in the butt) Here! I will show you my boobs! (sorta) 

Here is a sample shoot of what you can get. My new buddy Xander from 416cyclestyle and me got together for a fun bike pin-up shoot. 

Pinup photography is  (thank God) - a cool way to showcase an outfit and vintage props.
It's all about the Makeup (by me) the outfit (the fiance had a say in this one- I have no white shirts I borrowed his) and getting good direction (by Xander) and just trying to imagine what Betty Page would do.

Have you always wanted to do a pin up shoot? Well, we have a special date and offer coming! Start thinking about your outfit. And stretch that back. I kid-you-not that after all that twisting and pointing the toe, I pulled a muscle.

SO Ta-da! I will work for elite and ford, maybe even willemina.

Yes I am a bike babe. I big special thank you to photoshop and spanx. And Xander of course! And that bike on the left is Medori. The nerd names his bikes. :)

If I can do it anyone can!! And to qoute Taria Reed form the Lipstick Divas
"I'm a firm believer in not asking my clients to do anything I'm not willing to do. So yes I do take and show my sexy **cough cough** pictures to my clients."


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