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FAQ: just don't know whether to get the model or the diva

So I will answer some questions I have been sent, in a weekly edition of FAQ Monday. Yes FAQ it. send me your questions at
 Meanwhile I have some to go through.

N from Toronto asks:

Just don't know whether to get the model or the diva and what benefits of the extras are. Can you advise?
Dear N:

The difference in packages is how much retouching and prints you get. The difference would be on starlet you get 10 fully retouched files and prints and model 20 and diva 30.

Most people go with the Model and then just pay me the difference to get an album too, from PIKTO (60 bucks) Since the images are all ready retouched it's easy for me to plop them in an album and order it. You can go pick it up at the distillery or shipped for 10 bucks.

The diva includes 30 and a bigger print for display, it can be something artsy that does not show your face. It's something you can hang in a wall.

If you are not sure, you can still choose the package after seeing the pictures. But Model is a safe bet. (it is my bestseller after all) :)

It's kinda nice to have the control of what you want. And remember not all of the images are rated R, some are PG and others you can show your mom. there will be some artsy ones in there too.

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