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Boudoir photography for couples- updated gallery and tips

I love shooting couples... I sound like the corny wedding photographer but it is true in my case. It takes a really committed and confident couple to go for this type of photography. It is almost like swinging (i think). You have to trust the other half that these images are not going to end up on tumblr (i just found out about all the nsfw images here! holly crap! wish I was a 14 year old boy to use it properly) Start with Tremblingfluidheat - you are welcome!! Warning it is not for prudes. Sister of mine, if you read this, do not click it.

So! where was I? it's getting warm here.

Oh yeah, you have to trust your other half that in the case you ever broke up; pinkie promise that these images do not end on the internets for the world to see your abilities. So when people email me about the couples photography I always have to ask: how long have you been together? and give me both your emails. For the rated R or above I do require to meet prior to the shoot, or at least have a phone conversation to make sure everybody is comfortable with everybody (almost like swinging- so I have heard- ha).

Check it out- not while you are working ok? show it to your other half and start planing what not to wear.

Like half  of these samples where shot at hotels and some at my place.

Tips on what to wear:
For her- they are all here on what to wear for your session

For him:
  • Suit with tie and everything (not to worry about the shoes really) or just bring shirt and tie.
  • Jeans and simple t-shirt 
  • Boxers/ briefs/thongs I do not judge. Maybe a little but I won't tell you. Simple colours, preferably no prints.
  • Shave super early in the day on even the night before if you have sensitive skin.
  • Tweeze the unibrow and brush off your lips with your toothbrush for kissable lips.
  • Moisturize after your shower, you want to look dewy 

And that is it! Email me if you have any questions or if you need to see the other link I have that I do not post, the extra steamy one for erotic photography for couples that go all the way... with no faces of course but I don't think anybody cares as long as you can see naughty bits. Even a hint of naughty bits...

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