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FAQ : Why is Boudoir Photography expensive?

Or why are you cheap? Or what it's the difference between boudoir photographers packages?  Or why should I pay a regular price when I can get a groupon?

So hey! I know people look around- google Boudoir Photography Toronto and get a ton of pages- some you have to email to get the price list- hmm--. I have it all out in the open.

I consider myself middle range. Not too cheap, not too expensive. But people have asked me how I price myself in a very competitive boudoir market. It seems all of the sudden there are 144,000 results when you google boudoir photographers to choose from - yeah- you have fun.

There are a couple of things to consider in the price.
- Location: 
           Portrait Studio: A lot of photographers have really nice studios. So if you prefer to have a clean background and professional lighting everywhere, go for it. The pin up shoots look great on a clean background as well. The disadvantages are that there is usually no bed, and it can be a little awkward just to stand there.

          Hotel Room: And there is the photographers that offer Marathons. They rent a hotel room and shoot several appointments in one day to be cost effective or sometimes they ask the client to book it, adding to the actual package price.

           Boudoir Set: Some actually have the hotel room thing going in their studio. Which makes sense. Less clutter, a bed, different backdrops.

I cheat here. I am saving you money by shooting out of my place. I fixed my bedroom up to have the backdrops- lighting- white sheets, hide all the clutter.
Yes, it is a bit weird you are coming into a strangers apartment to take your clothes off, but hey- at least it's not a basement and the weirdos I live with (my son and man) are not around on the weekends. And if you like to live on the edge I am pretty sure you've done it before eh? wink wink. oh the slutty memories. ahem.

My place look like this: white carpet was a good idea at the time.
 Me arranging stuff:
 My hair au naturale - frizzy mess, and I need a belt.
Photos above by Melissa Aquino

- The Make up options: 
           Do your own: so you are good at it, go for it. Do your make up like you are going out. Vamp it up. If you can add the false eyelashes. A neat trick is to just cut one in half. WAY easier to put on yourself.
           Extra for Make up artist: usually make up artists are in the range of 40-100 per application. A boudoir studio will have one that they recommend and can offer a discount on bookings

           And there is me. Make up junkie included in the package. Loved make up so much I took a class after university. argh a long time ago. Learned a lot from my Glamour shot days. Boy did they pile it on. And I keep with it and justify my 4 drawer tall make up case. It's ok it has wheels.

- The Retouching and prints:

Did you read the fine print? yes you get 30 images in your package but only one is retouched. gah. So you have 29 images that it's great if you like the all- natural look and have something against photoshop, but for me is not changing what you look like. For me is about making the white sheet, white not gray, and give an overal smoothness to the picture.
Or you have to pay extra- that is where they get you. Yes $79 dollars is a deal for a boudoir session. But look closely on what you are getting.

I make it simple my packages include 10, 20 or 30. Retouched images with prints. From a professional lab, not costco.

Depending on how many sexy pictures you need, or are going to give away - whatever works.

so here it is- a little rant about the boudoir industry- and a little justification on how much it costs to get your naked on. Yes it's a treat. But everybody should do it at least once.

Don't forget to add to the cost of the package little extras like:
new lingerie (I tell people to get a nice teddy from winners for $20) no need to go crazy
the waxing

But all these things if you do not get them done regularly, then why not enjoy the whole experience. I am sure no one is going to complain you waxed the bush and stripped the rough skin from your feet that was getting caught in the sheets. yeah...

       And the last thing I pride myself in- besides my awesome photoshoping and dorky personality is with experience. Holly crap I've been around the block. On my seventh year doing boudoir and about 13 in the biz- the weddings, the babies, and everything in between. And I will stop now before I feel old.

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Things Boudoir Photographers Say

I am jumping on the bandwagon. Who am I kidding with the * - shit there I wrote it. shit you will most likely hear me say:

* stand straight
* suck it in
* err, turn slightly right, no the other right
* turn to the light
* relax your mouth
* open it a bit
* do not worry you do not look special needs
* touch your mouth
* yeah - now suck it O_o
* butt man or boob man?
* ok now on your knees
* spread your legs - make room there
* on your tummy
* put your legs up
* knees together! like a lady!
and my favourite -
* let the nipple escape.

Good thing I am a girl- it does get comfortable between girls. I have full conversations while people are changing their panties. Guys want my job - ha.

The one thing I want to say but haven't had the chance:

Thanks for the laugh ladies!


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