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Tips: Chic for winter boudoir

When outside it's brrr, we can heat things up with your session! There is something really sexy about a lingerie item with a loose sweater and knee high socks. Or even a touque! Gives you that effortless sexy like: "oh why yes, I hang out at my house with matching lingerie sets and just a sweater because it is chilly" HA! Not like my batman pajamas. It is all an illusion.

We can always pretend is winter season, this tip is for all year round comfortable sexiness.
After you have taken some with the sweater, you can showcase your lingerie. A good place I have found to have a great variety is online store Adore me - besides my trusty Winners - at a great price, who doesn't want to shop online? That is how you found me :)


The main tips for cozy winter boudoir:
                - Bring at least one lingerie matching set.
                - A couple of sweaters, one could be off the shoulder and another one a cardigan type
                - Knee high socks
                - Touque or warm hats
                - Plaid shirt
                - Or the regular pajama pants and no top work too! (it's all an illusion :P)

Some inspiration

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