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Lace and lipstick

So sometimes, I have images that I take all ready nice and cropped. Keeping the privacy for my client and showing a nipple. I rule!

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Ta da!

I've been thinking... since I shot my self in the foot by not posting faces of my clients, and there is so much you can do cropping pictures and still make them look nice, that I had a burst of genius. Well, I was a bit bored you see. And I am one of those that can't be idle unless I am watching heroes, and maybe then I am also straightening my hair. So, I was thinking on my inability to post some of my all time favourite pictures because there is a face and sometimes a nipple and sometimes both at the same time. So! I drew them! I am combining my love of comics and my artful mouse drawing technique with my favourite pictures and here it is.

My favourite clients and pictures are getting one. Jenn you are next. And I will put them on a calendar, yeah! more brain bursts.
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ha! I am done!

Freaking website menu was driving me nuts. But it is done! If there are some 404 errors don't tell me... well maybe do tell me. So far I think I changed my website like 4 times. Now I like it!

and a gratuitous cleavage shot, because I can
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I apologize for being MIA, but I've been catching up with a lot of stuff and I am getting ready to spend a lot of time in the lab tomorrow, I am being anal and want to make sure the prints are right. Very weird of me.
Anyway, coming soon! my revamped main website. It is time for a makeover.

Speaking of which, I like this:

I had this idea a long time ago when I was doing the online dating thing. Some pictures are freaking scary. Or with other people, what is up with that?
So go get a nice picture of your self! I can help! I have to tell people that my magic "get-naked" powers are optional.
I have a headshot package somewhere, use it for this kind of thing!
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