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My Boudoir -updated January 2017

Where the magic happens... yes photographic magic.
Anywho I needed to post an updated picture of my place and I took this picture before clients came in on the weekend and preserve the pristine appearance that usually lasts 5.2 minutes.

SO! I moved it to another apartment I share with a neighbour. It's like having a super tidy roommate that disappears when I have to shoot. Not like the 3 other roommates I have at my place. Lily is not the neatest.
And I discovered that the huge window made a difference in the sessions! Love the natural light now. I hardly need extra lights anymore.

It is a little bit small, but mighty, I have shot up to 5 people in here, but ideally I shoot individuals or couples. When you bring a friend I just move them around.

And some recent samples. I am loving all the natural light. 


Josh Jones said...

great setup!! I love your pictures, keep up the good work!

Kristen said...

love the backdrop! where ever did you find it??

marlen.james said...

fabric store :) I could stay there for hours... attached to my black blind from ikea; my awesome black backdrop. Tall enough and wide enough.