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Happy Holidays!

You know, I was really going to do a self portrait, I have a dress I've been saving and I was going to be all corny, but I had noooo time! WTH! I shipped the last album today and I am breathing. And I had an unfortunate incident with my bangs.They are on the short side. They are on the short side of when my sister cut her own bangs when she was 6. I must stop the madness.

Anyway here is my stand in, in holiday cheer. She is perkier anyway.

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Holiday cheer

yeah, yeah, can you tell I am a fan of the holidays? Only because I am busy with the holiday orders and time is flying! like what the f! It's December! time is flying!
well, here is something to keep you warm. And no it's not me just because you see a hint of black hair. I wish I had that waist. Anyhoo, ho ho ho. I better get cracking on those orders!

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