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Have you seen this one?

This one I love... you can't really tell who it is or what's going on... could be your sister or worse your boss.
I think Boudoir definitely bring outs another side of your personality. Even for a second, that second that you are holding your head back in laughter and there is a pause... ta-da!
Anyway enough with the (...)
It looks sexy eh? and look around, it could be anyone with light brown hair :)
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I know, I know, I have attachment issues with blogging. I go through phases I think.
Anyway after some busy naked weekends and a computer crash that made my stomach churn like on a rollercoaster, I am back.
And to me the best part of this job is meeting interesting people. And the stories behind their reasons to get naked. I cheer for the ones that do it for their significant others, but vow after the ones that do it for themselves.
And there is also the people I've got to known a little more intimately shall we say... and the whole circle of life thing. Introducing in her first session, Etta! my first ever boudoir baby...

and on a little side note, I goggled baby boudoir just to make sure nothing dirty came up, it shows baby furniture. good.
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And more couples...

I think I might me a little bit of a perv. What I enjoy the most is capturing images as if I am not there. When people forget there is a camera even for a 1/60 of a second :P
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What to wear to your boudoir session - TIPS updated

Here is my updated, fancy schmancy little checklist.

I get asked this one a lot, so I am breaking it down people. I know I say two outfits as a description of my session. I have yet to see the person who shows up with just two outfits*. I had one that brought a whole rack. (* I am not kidding)

Here is my ultimate list of what to bring to your session:
+ Little black dress (or any colour as long is solid)- this is to get some pictures you can show your mom. You can go commando right away if you want. Other options are pencil skirt and black blouse, or just a nice jacket or coat.
+ Tee and boy shorts (again solid or lacy)- This is also perfect for the shyer bunch. I'll make you show me shoulder and maybe pretend to take it off, and if you actually take it off, I rule.
+ Boyfriend's shirt- This is one of those things that are to your discretion. He loves hockey? you in his jersey and nothing underneath. He wears a suit? A nice shirt and tie.
+ And of course lingerie. I know sometimes is a waste of money, something to look at, not really comfortable. Get it on sale. Get it online. Again no prints, only if they are animal. No Pucci. You only need one racy number so make sure it fits properly.

STOCKINGS. - on this one a small note. Very few people can pull off the ones that have the hold-up plastic (or elastic band) that they have at la senza. An awesome money saving tip: buy a normal pair and cut the underwear part off. No sausage!

+ Have you ever worn a uniform? even the school one. the real thing with socks its very kinky. Even the block Buster one. bring it.
+ Super soft sweater with nothing underneath. The bigger and softer the better. This one looks better sometimes than the boyfriend shirt.

For more inspiration check out the Lingerie Addict  she knows her stuff.

Accessories: necklaces. shoes.

And if you only have white Hanes for her, NAKED IS ALWAYS GOOD
Amazon! who knew! Those teddies that have a slit on the middle hide a lot and look great. And you play with them while posing.

Some good ideas:

Fancy teddy under $20
Teddy to hide tummy Under $20
Fancy two piece
Waist cincher
Easy black Pencil dress

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