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Model Boudoir... maddona style

more reasons to do it:

Wow, eh?

I mean I would sell my soul to the devil to have her body at 50, but man!

I have to say to, that the image on the left is what we photographers have to work with. we enhance, saturate and contrast the crap out of them to get the results on the right.
I personally leave a bit of the age factor, but I love the smoothness and the glow.

GO book your model boudoir now
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Model Boudoir

This is something to give yourself, or as a mothers day gift, an anniversary gift, an "I lost 10 pounds" gift, or the one that has special meaning to me is; "I am able to fit into my old pants" gift.

I am offering a one of a kind package:
Session with two looks (natural and pussycat) up to 3 outfits.
Full make up application. Hairstyling (or I what I call bed hair shellac)
And, drum roll please... 20 fully retouched 5x7 high res Images.
So you can print and upload at your hearts desire. For $299- intro special. Reg. $350 (it is a lot of retouching.)
What is the difference you may ask?
this one:

Ok not my picture but I really do not want to put a before and after of me or any of my clients ok? I do this and I do this well.
And also I will choose the best after a briefing with you, so you get to see the actual final product, not the pre-production stage.
I have a no lump, dimple, strechmark, pimple, scar, stray hair guarantee :)

All the actresses and models do it, why not you?
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The view from here

Not too shabby!
FYI for us girls, strechmarks? what strechmarks? nobody I know has them! As if you where really checking out for strechmarks! Nice underwear eh?

and what a hard photo to watermark, I didn't want to block anything :P
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my engament pics

finally, some pics of me that I didn't take with the self timer :), oh yes and the fiance, he he.
Thanks to my BFF Amy Cross, my partner there at Natural Beauty Co-op, and my awesome photoshoping here are a couple of pics. And it was time that you all met the lucky guy that gets to enjoy all my nerdness and "artistic" moodines.
You may notice we where going for a 70's look here... sort of.

and my fave

and me comfortable in black

all taken at my place, since it was -25 outside, good thing Amy does such a great job on utilizing your surroundings (insert plug here)
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