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white sheets

hard to keep clean, but they look nice in pictures!
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Mexico Destination Wedding 101

Soooo, in my ever continuous research and handling of groomzilla, we where hoping to do a ceremony in Mexico. It seemed pretty easy to me, right? just apply for the license and get the test done and that it is right? ha! I found this site Mexconnect to enlighten me.
Because I am a Mexican citizen he has to get a permit to marry me. I found it funny, I thought there was no green card issues.
Anyway and of course locations. I could send my parents to scout but I found another great site Bodaclick It is in spanish but you can view locations like Haciendas (super cool) and it lets you know the starting prices per person. I even found one with a view! Now my plans are in limbo.
I dared to say : let's do a city hall wedding here and have a reception in Mexico, with a view.
I got a: my parents wouldn't like that.
???? was my face. :) That is all I need, groomzilla and parents. Or should I say groomzooky and parentzillas? (I'm a nerd: Godzooky was the kid -or nephew- of Godzilla in a old old cartoon) I crack my self up sometimes.
I will be a pro after all this.
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Recesionista Bride

Holly crappy wedding planning! I'm so glad that groomzilla wants to cover the details because OMG I really can't do it. So I was looking at menus and tentative dates, and now he wants a wedding with a view. Good luck with that.
So much work it got me thinking about budgets, people are still getting married... or trying too.

For those who want inspiration I found Rock and Roll Bride I aim to have one of my weddings there, I have to get around to that. Great ideas, and some low budget. Another one Recessionista bride

One of the important messages there was: you get what you pay for.

There is also an increase of Wedding Re-Shoots. For those people who venture with a wedding package from craiglist or kijiji for 399 and hate the pictures. Now it's a lucrative wedding service from professional photographers.

But fear not! I have priced my wedding packages hourly starting at $200. Check it out! If we work together to get the images you want, why spend more? Unless you want me chasing you around 10 hours plus with my mega all inclusive package.

Doing research is a pain in the @ss
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