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Me and nature...

I have found out that if you complaining about something, that something seems to pop in your life more often, and sometimes is good and sometimes is interesting.

In my interesting adventures, my groomsooky pimped me out to photograph some cottages in some remote canadian boonie lake ( to me anything beyond the urban area, its boonie land)
And this was the face I made:

i <3 lensbaby

So it turned out pretty neat despite the multitude of spiders, one even landing on the pancake mix, it wasn't a hairy one so I stayed cool and collected, the super crappy weather and a semi comatose groomsooky. And no wi-fi. How did I stay sane you may ask? I played solitaire in the ipod, and alcohol.

It was at the Prince Edward area, pretty fancy and the place it was pretty cool. I may have to go back there. with my wi-fi card thingy.
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Friday girls

This guy should have a bigger smile on his face, just sayin'

By Helmut Newton, of course.

This will go in my brand new spanking blog: Boudoir Girls to comment on other people's work and where I will keep images that inspire me.

Because bloging is addictive. And Free. And has no calories. And I think I am a bit of a perv. And because I don't see what the big deal is about twitter. And is kinda kinky.
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Nature contact

So! I got my butt dragged to a walk the other day... and me and nature, let's say we have issues. As nice as the last session pictures where, when you are in a forest all trees start to look the same. Except the white ones, which now I know they are birches.
I like saying birches.

anyway, I digress, I am the proud mother of a new lensbaby yes, I caved to the hype of the tiltshift and bokeh, I even joined the flicker group. And here is a sample. I just pretend buds are nipples and I am ok :P

I moved things around here, cleaner no?
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I wanted to be cheetara when I grew up

but it all went wrong somewhere... not that I would parade in an orange swimsuit anytime soon.
Anyway, its Friday, its was a random thing that poped in my head and here is one of many(!) pics from "a-get-to-know-the-freak-that-is-taking-our-wedding-pictures" or GTK session for short. Less corny than engagement session.
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