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French pearls?

And I will let these images speak for themselves... I've been saying all along, mouths are sexy. And can you believe she is 43 with 3(!) kids? This Diva is making her husband a very nice anniversary gift, I'm just saying.

I have been slow to post lately, I am catching up with all my stuff. Man I need a vacation, and I am gonna! I will be out of the boudoir from July 6 till the 16, visiting the parental units in Mexico. Man those tickets where the cheapest ever, thanks swine flu!
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I have to vent this one is funny. I will catalog it under "relationship": forever to be called as the fan incident.
So summer finally arrived and in anticipation groomsoky had a mission: get a ceiling fan for the boudoir. How hard can it be right? I said please get something black. Those where my measly instructions.
What do I get? The ugliest brown and gold ceiling fan. My sound when I saw it: "oh"
His response? You dont like it? its a celing fan, with a remote control and it was on sale from 200 to 100. Me: its brown and gold. G: aren't they all? aren't ceiling fans just functional and blah blah (I went to my happy place)

So after a couple of tense moments and phone calls explaining why this thing was ugly, he reluctantly went to change it back. While I said: fine, lets just keep it and I'll spray paint it black. G: nope, you all ready said you didn't like it .

So he goes back to the homedepot and tells the girl there, "I need to return this". Is there anything wrong with it? "no, my fiance says it's ugly" Her answer? Oh yeah.
Vindication! Validation! all that crap!
This post is to all the dumb fights we all have and the ones we will. cheers.
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and more couples...

Another busy weekend came and went, and an awesome couple. Rock and Roll bride material. Very excited for their wedding in July :)

And I redecorated around here... again! I wanted bigger images and I think a little more "weddingy" looking at wedding planning sites has rubbed off on me.
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Things I've learned from taking naked pictures

Ahem... I should say taking boudoir portraits. Much nicer.

- We all have insecurities. From nipple size and girth to a toe curvature and length. Many, many quirks I've seen.

- It is really hard to hold a sexy pout and not crack up.

- I have to say keep your shoulders back many times during a shoot. And it reminds me of my mom.

- Boobs come in the widest range of sizes, from "mosquito bite" to "bald baby head"

- One of the sexiest parts to photograph is the mouth. Second place is side-boob.

- Laughter relaxes. The jokes get dumber as the session goes on but they are still funny.

- I'm very comfortable saying show me your nipple.

And the most important thing is that I am very grateful for is trust. It takes a lot of courage to take your clothes of in front of a stranger. I promise I wont do anything to not deserve it. Even if I can't post a lot of awesome work that I am very proud off, but would mean putting my clients boobs and faces all over the internet.


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