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Bryan and Natalia's wedding highlights

So here are some images from my weekend where I was not the photographer but it gave a chance to play with the lens baby.
Love the baby.
It was a beautiful wedding, great location, great company and I could chill... mmm.
The only complaint here, freaking mosquitos.

and yes that is me wearing a blue dress (gasp! colour!) I know. Me. The one Lindsey calls "going to a summer funeral"
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Natalia and Bryan at the Distillery

Although I hate the name e-shoot, it seems it is the industry term. So here is another e-shoot... ta-daa.
Bryan is Lindsey's friend and he is in the wedding party for this coming Saturday. Which means I'm in the girl(drinking) table :) Bryan's sister is shooting the wedding which means I will drink and maybe take a couple of pics, and drink, and I can wear a dress, and drink. :P

Complete shoot:

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Action shots

I like it when clients have a interest in photography. I like it when we all share :)
She did a great job and capturing me in action.
love them, changing my facebook pic right after this:)

And I am trying this out, it was one of my faves of my candid photographer, some creative cropping to preserve her identity. Groomsooky helped on this one, I wanted to put a black bar across her face.

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Bethany + Kurt... Casa Loma Wedding

You know what I apologize for re-posting, but I realized that I hate clicking on slideshows, show me the images I say.

I finished editing...yay!
To be honest, I do few weddings a year, naked is my forte, but the ones I do, its great because I already have a rapport with the bride.
They are longer days and there is always a few snafus but they are always beautiful.
Like in this wedding, the sun came out in time for pictures. again... yay!

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