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Poker face

Yes I have that song stuck to in my head! I can't shake it! I have to say I enjoyed last weeks shoots and here is a sample of one with a poker theme. There is a fine line between cheesy and sexy and I think that we stayed on the sexy side :)

And well, the lucky recipient got a poster size print of the one in the left, and I will ad it as an option for the starlet package. great gift idea! choose a theame and flow with it!
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you take the love with you

I mentioned to Lindsey I wanted to recreate this one in honor of the late Patrick Swayze, and I got a: now? Im tired... but who needs men when you have photoshop! my corny version :)

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Boudoir for Couples

I enjoy boudoir sessions with just one on one, but every now and then I get the adventurous couple.
And what a great couple, so comfortable with each other. I'm just saying, that after 15 years of marriage you still look at each other like they did, you did something right. And she runs. I better start running if that butt is the result (!)

Psst... this post is old but it still gets lots of hits, must be the awesome butt.
So I am keeping it.
But if you are interested in a boudoir session for both of you is fun!

A testimonial:
"The best photoshoot I have ever had" Husband while holding wife's boobs.

Tips for your Boudoir for Couples shoot:
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christine + blake

and another wedding! I think is the last of mine for the season. This one is for Christine, Lindsey's cousin, so a very cozy wedding with great fall colours, the best freaking day weather wise and it was nice to meet everybody.

So pretty!

These where by Lindsey, he gets in the bushes and worries at what he has stuck on him after... :)

And of course we have none of us... sigh, and we dress up and no picture, next time first thing we are doing. But we still get in each others way :)
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I've been lazy to post! But I have been so busy with the other type of photography. Lot's of family shots for the friends and family and the ex-boyfriend (yes as awkward as that sounds) and wedding season. Haven't had time to post anything naked.

So here is Sarah and Byron, during the reception they showed us their very creative version of Hugh Grants Pop goes my heart.

It definitely made my top 5 favorite reception moments. Im taking notes.

And my friend Cyrille borrowed the camera, its ok he's a Nikon parent too.

Note to self, stand straight... Note to Lindsey... Patrick Swayze in dirty dancing wants his hip sway back.

AND ! a miracle of miracles... me not making a face. I always make this weird thing with my eye when I know I camera is pointing in my direction. Kudos Cyrille.
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