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Happy Chrismukkawanzaa

and anything that you may drink to.

I tortured my poor whiny babies so I can send pictures to my parents.
Notice pink background to match my blog (nerd)

and in this one I look good.^_^ Notice side parted bangs after chopping incident.

Here I was attempting to bring props, first one is what are you doing?
I giggled when I say: Just some gold balls.

My son ended up all glittery a la twilight vampire.

And I haven't posted much because I am launching a new site with the new year... and another blog to my repertoire, some funny stuff happens behind the scenes. I am addicted.

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Boudoir Express Stars

Well, I will like to thank the 5 ladies plus 2 gents that attended my first ever Boudoir Photography Marathon.
Too much fun, too much Bianco and too many files I still have to go through and retouch. Yay. Im thinking on doing this 2 times a year at the most. Want to host a Boudoir Party? Check out the Group Boudoir package and book a hotel. You get good deals in the winter.

Oh and hiding identities is really hard!

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