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Valentine's Boudoir Photography Round Up

To all the lucky  bastards men that got this gift - happy valentines! To all the women that I've shot semi-naked- nice to meet you! Some are crazier than I am. Some are very shy at first. And some needed a little alcohol. 

Some I threw in the bed:

Some like to touch themselves (and it looks hot)

And some like to sit:

Some rocked the thigh highs:

And the results are always awesome.

For those of you who want to give the gift of boudoir, I can have a personalized gift certificate for you in a jiffy (like tonight, so you can give it to your loved one tomorrow- better than something from the drugstore- except those spa gift certificate thingies but I digress). Just email me at mj(at)

And to everybody Happy Valentines or Feliz dia del amor y de la amistad * In spanish we include the friendship bit, not sure why but I like it better. 

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Almost Famous: Snapshot, crackle & pop

I have to give a big thank you to Rebecca Eckler for her super nice article of her adventure in Boudoir photography :) Click here for the full article.

She really captures what goes on in the session including the description of bursting into giggles when trying to make a sexy face - it is really hard! And funny too.

My only oh moment is when I saw the pictures with me posing next to her- note to self, do not blend in the black background with arms behind you. The camera adds 10 pounds, the camera adds 10 pounds, the camera adds 10 pounds. I keep telling my self that. Unless the photographer is me!
Book before I get really famous and I can shoot Dita Von Teese. Just putting it out there. Dita call me.

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