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Cookies and Lace

So- it looks like I am on a networking roll. Thanks to twitter. Yep, I am a convert, I embraced the religion.

I got invited to The Sweet Sensations Social hosted by the Sweet Flour bakery and Sensational Wedding Vendors. Or how I ended up calling it; The cookie overdose.

I got to meet Jen and Eve, talked to wedding planners Jennifer from Sparkle and shine, Kadeshia from Essence Occasions another Jennifer from Diva Weddings and Events and Robin from Weddings in the Tropics. And of course overdose on cookies. A handmade ice cream sandwich. Dude. And freshly made muffin tops. Yeah, the good kind of muffin tops. You choose your ingredients and they BAKE IT RIGHT THERE, for a fresh muffin top in 2 minutes. I like saying muffing top.

On the image on the right, of course I was going to cover my boobs with the pumpkin cookies but the photographer handy was my eight year old.
So I do not wanted to scar him for life.  Or his teacher knowing a cookie story.
And those cookies- I won the gift basket! I never win anything. Had cookies for dinner, breakfast and lunch.

And the lace part!
 Here we used my technique of chopping off pantyhose to create stockings! and less "sausagey" than the normal ones, and a hell a lot easier to pin with the corset thingies.

 And yes I love garters. And slutty shoes.

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HI Marlen, I like your website and style of photography. I just learning about about portrait photography. I have a Canon rebel xti. Just wondering what lens do you use for portraits and do you use continuous lighting or flash. Looking forward to your

hi! I use nikon and have two lenses always handy. I have a 50 mm 1.8 (I want the 1.4) prime lense and my zoom is the 70-200. The first one I use for close ups and details and the second for full body or action images. I use continuous lighting, but every now and then I play with off camera flash. It gives it a more fashion look. I do tend to overexpose for a smoother finish. And photoshop is my best friend. :)

Ask me anything

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On a desert island with Marlen James- and sexy shoes

yes I saw it on Glamour, yes I am interviewing myself.

DVD  The fifth element. "It has everything I need, Bruce Willis, futuristic elements, costumes by a fashion designer, action, comedy and the outfit I want to wear one halloween (after my lipo) as Liloo."
TV box set  True blood. bloody sexy I tell ya! I am team Eric.
CD George Michael's greatest hits. I still have faith you know. I think this is where it all started for me. Watching sexy George Michael videos and girls in lingerie. And then I want your sex, I hardly knew what sex was. Oh crap it all makes sense now! Damaged goods since 1986.
Book I am reading the Dark Hunter Series, I want them all.
Snack  Chips. My kryptonite.
Drink Beer!
Toy My camera. it counts

And Internet. I think I would need Internet. Just thinking about it not having Internet gives me the shakes.

Oh well.
But here! Interesting pictures of butts and shoes. Yeah I am making a few fetishists happy :)

And this one, that actually I had to ask her, are you OK?  I've done it before and it is quite a popular request, to me it is interesting how its sexy and kinda dirty at the same time.

Quick! How tall are the heels? as if you would notice. :) I have to much fun sometimes.
Oh yeah! and before I forget! See why you need to bring shoes? Those shoes that you still have in a box because they hurt so bad? I promise I wont make you stand long.
I like looking at amazon adds that suit my blog. Amazon sells everything. Type in fetish. I dare you.
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Tricks and tips - Vol.1 - stockings - fashion and networking

  • Stockings

This one blew my mind! And I hack stuff all the time. You know I moan and complain about the stockings with the elastic band around the thigh that makes us look like stuff sausages. I found the solution! HACK them! cut the offending crap off! who knew?? I learned it at the Fredericks blog

I'm giddy with delight. And you know what? it makes me feel awesome that even skinny bitty models have the sausage effect when wearing stay ups.

  • Networking

The past week,  I met a lot of interesting women the week before at the Fuchsia Factory Networking Event. I do not usually attend these things, but the fact that it was all women did convince me.

I met Carrie from Pink Elephant Communications I was flattered by her comment:
" I love how much of your personality you've put in it. I can see why people feel comfortable taking off their clothes for you.  :)"  Coming from someone that actually creates marketing campaigns and a professional online presence its the bees knees!* (I always wanted to use bees knees in a sentence- sorry)

  •  Fashion

 I also met Wendy from The Refinery. She is a style coach. She will teach you how to dress and more importantly how to buy. She will even come to your house and arrange your closet so you get 30 (!) stylish outfits from what you all ready own. And style tips. And its only $120. A ha. I did not know this existed. I have worn outfits that should be on the what not to wear show. I'm a little wiser now, I hope.

And now I am also a Mary Kay rep, for all your Mary Kay needs , go here! I am a sucker for beauty products and I did want to offer a quality moisturizer as a primer when I do my make up. so suck it Avon, I'm a Mary Kay pink lady now.

And before I drive you crazy with a jam packed post. Here are some recent shots, of what else? stockings!

and a garter and thinking about other uses for stockings, mm mm.

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