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Side boob

Here is a sample of someone that pays attention to what I say! you know the tip where I say bring your hands behind your head like stretching, you might think you look like you are getting a whiff but it is actually truly sexy. And this lucky fiance/side boob lover is going to enjoy these.

And no it is not taylor swift, the mouth is kinda like hers eh?

And Im giddy with my new black wall. Do not tell the landlord.  I needed it.

So behind! so much to blog! so little time! xxoo

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The gift certificate- tips on buying the right one

You get a personalized pdf with the package information so you just buy one of these and a set of lingerie and oh boy, its the gift that keeps on giving!
just saying :)

You can always choose any package from my list or choose any amount towards a package
But here is a guide on which one to give. I am breaking it down for the men/other halfs buying this type of session for their beloveds.
First make perfectly clear that although I say naked a lot, and I mean a lot, nudity is optional. Most clients get PG pictures they can show around included. It's about the makeup and the poses and sometimes the lingerie but mainly about you. My job is to make you feel and look your best in a photograph.

For the girlfriend/live in girlfriend :
Boudoir starts at $300.00 and it can be used as a headshot package, or even "family" shoot of the two of you and the dog.

For the wife of 5 plus years:
Purchase the regular package with me and when you book make it a night in the town rent a hotel for the night ( and she is all set to go out with her makeup and naughty lingerie. You are welcome.

For both of you:
Boudoir for couples includes some images just of her and then some for you two. PG ones and Boudoir ones. :)

And LADIES!! If you are planning on doing this for your other half- do it! its the perfect excuse to buy some lingerie, get your nails done and enjoy the process, its fun! and you get awesome pictures to share. A bonus.

And if you have a group of close friends do the boudoir party!
I can host it at my place (up to six women) or at a hotel room that you get for the night. We do the makeup together so there is a bit of a make-up class so everybody has the pussy cat look.

 Purchase gift certificates here:

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Boudoir for Couples- update

Hello there. I have been meaning to update my boudoir for couples area, since you people like to google " couple boudoir photos", "sexy photos for couples",  "boudoir photography nipples", and my personal favourite "butt is sticking out while standing"
Because we all think about that. And some people google it.

But I digress. This post is about couples. Adventurous couples. I think a certain level of commitment is required.

And here it is! tadaaaa.
I am combining the ability to get the boudoir photos, plus the couple photos in one appointment.
Choose from these boudoir packages

The session will go more of less like this:
Makeup and boudoir for her while either the other half watches or waits outside. I have beer, its ok.
and then everybody gets dressed so we can take it all off. After that if you guys still want some normal pictures we go to the parks and shoot some casual shots. SO stuff for you and stuff you can show your mom.

Here are some samples, and again this time me and the man posed for ours. Poor Dana, my assistant, in what other job do you have to photograph your boss in their undies? Of course we couldn't stop laughing but you get the idea.
And the things I do for you people, here I am again, in my underwear. Photoshop I love you, my back flab and hairy thighs (its cold now- you are lucky I shave to my knee) thank you.

So go ahead! get yours done.

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