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The art of the tease - Chic a Boom Burlesque

Recently my minions interns, Linda and Melissa and I,  attended the Chic a Boom Burlesque show, June edition. These shoot are like me doing a groupon or something like that where you just come there and do a pin up shoot at a discounted rate. Nothing naked but also there are more people involved than just you and me. There is my awesome minions, who actually shoot, fabulous Laura that tells you EXACTLY how to pose, and me doing your make up, retouching and supervising the minions.  I like saying minions, it's ok they are use to it. :) Next one is July 27th!

And the whole point of my bloggy article today is that if you stay for the show, you learn a couple of things. And it's never the same! In this edition there was a traditional burlesque strip tease.

I love his "giddy" face :)

And the ladies in Action:

 Do you remember this pose? makes the waist skinny. 

Love the attitude, the show and the general fabulousness of all the dancers

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Here are some of the samples of the shoots that go on at the Roosevelt Room:

Thanks minions! I am a proud pimp! 

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