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How to do your own boudoir shoot with a phone - update

Inspired by my popular post "how to shoot your own boudoir photos" and this picture which title is:
"NUMBER ONE USE OF CAMERA PHONES THESE DAYS" (Get naked and take pictures)

Yes, we have all done it. Good thing we are not famous- yet.
Now, this post is about how to take your naked selfies to the next level.

Here is my attempt to eradicate those pictures taken in the washroom mirror - the horror.
Fine. I can't eradicate them for good since we still have to take a picture of the outfit #OOTD we are wearing that day and post it.

But for sexy pictures in your underwear- Please use this.

Photos from when the original article was published in 2010 (DANG!) on an iPhone 4 and about 15 pounds (pre-Lily) less and different hair. This only reinforces my thought on "you look awesome right now". Do not wait for when I do x. Time flies.

1: Get your room ready. 
My room does not look like this every day. Everything goes into the closet and the catch-all drawers.
Pay special close attention to clutter on surfaces, I know usually nobody is going to look behind you if your cleavage is right there, but don't be that chick of the selfie mouse on the floor 

Thank goodness for push up bras. Aren't they awesome? And my Batman undies. I nerded out for this shoot. Tips on what to wear are here.
Makeup. Pile it on.  Youtube has amazeballs makeup tutorials, don't get lost in the rabbit hole so make sure you actually do this first. This one she creates a Victoria Secret model look. She can do anything.


After you prop it on a chair like I did or get one of those gadgets to stick your phone on surfaces, set it up to Time Lapse Option so you have some time to move around. Make sure you have enough memory so back up all your photos before attempting this. You will need the space. 

All right here you go, it is way easier when no one is looking :). And you are actually looking at yourself in the phone so it helps. If you are shooting video set your iPhone horizontally - but for photos vertically it's ok.
So start the goofiness. Use props. More tips on what to do click here Just remember, you are on your knees here so move around. Go on all fours. You can think of something :P Avoid using the digital zoom, it ain't pretty.

5: EDITING: There are tons of apps out there, for simplicity I use Snapseed others even change your body shape. But if you already feel sexy in your underwear and makeup, this looks better than what an app can do.

What not to do:
besides losing your phone with all those pictures- or sending them to a  jerk
All I see is the toilet.
Almost... good try, the darn toilet paper got in the way. Push that tush.
So if you must... this is a good example. Almost no crap and all you see are boobs. It's purpose is to tease. If you ever break up - there is no face! just awesome boobs.

And also points for clean mirrors! Anyway- hope you just set the self-timer and start having fun without holding your phone.

And lastly, do not forget to back up the photos from your phone, back them up on your computer.

Or if you are feeling fancy there is a new digital frame that connects to your phone. Can you imagine having this aura frame while you are away on a girls night out or even shopping to be more realistic and have it set up remotely to play your sexy photos? HA.  And it also has a NSFW setting in case your in-laws are visiting you can turn the naughty ones off. I need one of these things. They also have a handy guide to take better pictures. Clothing optional! Just be careful if you are outside :P you do not want to flash people.

Have fun! I do have a thing for Batman

1 comment :

Chris Thomas said...

You are absolutely right about bathroom selfies; the worst. Good boudoir should be a tease. I would add that a consistent light source would also help (either window or lamp, but not both). Are you going to include the actual photos you took with your phone?