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Boudoir with flare- boudoir lighting tip

I have the attention span of a gnat- damn you pinterest and tumblr and facebook and twitter. I get distracted and forget to post. This one has kept me entertained whatshouldwecallweddingphoto. ... oh wedding photography... This site is what your wedding photographer is really thinking.

So hey, it's been a while!

See? exactly what I have been thinking... except the glamourous part is not really that glamourous everyday but I do have my moments....
So back to the post..

Natural light vs Continuos light vs Strobes -

When possible, it is great to be able to shoot in natural light. At my place I have a lonely window but sometimes I get to shoot on fancy locations, like the sample bellow thanks to Fitness Star Magazine.

Look at all those windows! I was giddy.

In the meantime I use continuous light mainly when I shoot. The kinda of light for video. It's soft enough and I can cheat a bit.

My awesome continuos lighting equipment from e-bay ($130) and my huge outdoor bulbs from the hardware store. The secret is to manually set your white balance in your camera. I have it at 2900K. Love the results. Of course you can get the ones that are all ready calibrated to 5500k for daylight. But I have a tendency to knock things over and those things are more expensive. I broke 4 bulbs before I gave up and looked for a cheaper alternative.

I like the options of moving them around and highlighting - and the flare- I am loving the flare.

Strobes - I use them more for pin up photography where I need more of a fashion look and a clean background with low ISO.

There you go- some nerdy photography talk for photographers and some recent samples for clients... SO BEHIND IN POSTING- Now I will make the time damn it. Weekly posts, even if it eats away on my pinterest time.... by the way follow me there

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